6 Week Sleep Challenge

6 Week Sleep Challenge


Next Course starts 12th June

A deeper dive that is guaranteed to have you sleeping better and living more! (Delivered to your inbox Monday every week for 6 weeks)



“The physical and mental impairments caused by one night of bad sleep dwarf those caused by an equivalent absence of food or exercise… Sleep is the single most effective thing we can do to reset our brain and body each day” ~ Professor Matthew Walker, sleep scientist, author of Why We Sleep.

When it comes to health and wellbeing, sleep is often neglected, or even sacrificed in favour of nutrition and exercise, and yet sleep is the foundation on which our health and wellbeing sits. Not only will the fatigue bought about by inadequate or poor quality sleep impede our efforts to eat well and exercise, but without sufficient sleep our body and mind will be unable to maximise the benefits of the positive things that we do.


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