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I started my journey to Living Well a few years ago now, the day my doctor told me she suspected I had an auto immune disease. I was that person that everyone would have assumed was ‘fit and healthy’. I had always been active – I was a runner and in training for a marathon – and I was one of those people that was always told growing up that I was ‘skinny’, but the reality was that underneath it all I knew I was struggling. I was wired and tired – surviving on coffee to stay awake and wine to calm my anxiety. I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow and slept for 9 hours, but woke up exhausted. I was breathless at rest, I ached all over, my mind was foggy, my digestion was out of whack, and after years of being unable to conceive after our first born, suffering multiple miscarriages.

Outside appearances can be very deceptive.

Thankfully a full blown auto immune diagnosis was not my reality that day, but I knew I had dodged a major bullet, and I finally stopped accepting the stress, fatigue, anxiety, infertility, digestive issues and chronic poor health that I was experiencing as ‘normal’ or inevitable and decided that, to whatever extent it was within my power, I refused to sit back and allow it to be a part of my future.

I started by overhauling my nutrition, and it helped with my digestive issues and chronic aches and pains, and I found some of my long missing energy, and went on to conceive and carry our twins to almost full term.

But I was still anxious and fatigued – and frustrated!

My fitness was good, but I was chronically breathless at rest, I could not get enough sleep to shake the overwhelming tiredness, and my body was constantly in a state of high alert.

It wasn’t until I discovered the importance of harnessing my biological rhythms to transform the QUALITY of my sleep, and the power of functional breathwork to balance my nervous system, that I finally knew what it was like to live with energy, focus, clarity and calm.

Having spent the bulk of my adult life stuck in a state of chronic dis-ease, I finally had a taste of what it felt like to be truly Living Well.

Since then I have discovered that Living Well isn’t an outcome, a goal or a destination – it’s not even a journey or a process… it’s an adventure!

I am based in Hobart, Tasmania and I hold a Professional Certificate in Wellness Coaching from Wellness Coaching Australia, and am a qualified Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Instructor.



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I was nervous about starting coaching, because my life was in a bit of a mess – I ate badly, never exercised, and was feeling bad about myself, and I didn’t want to feel judged. But I found Lou to be approachable, knowledgeable and authentic. She made me feel at ease, and instead of making me feel bad about my bad habits and choices, she helped me to see the possibilities for what my life could look like. I still have a way to go until I get to where I want to be, but I’ve never felt better, and I’ve never felt better about myself!”

Cath B
When the kids were little I put up with being tired all the time – I just thought it was normal! But then once they were grown up, my sleep was all over the place, and I was still tired all the time. I didn’t even know how bad my breathing was – during the day and at night – until I started working on it with Lou. She also helped me change some of the bad habits I had fallen into that were making it hard to sleep at night. I feel calmer during the day, and I am sleeping so much better, and waking up with so much more energy!”

Julie R

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